Star Wars Car Wash: Slave Leia Washing Cars!!!

UPDATE: Post has been updated to include more images!

Holy geek heaven… I think if I lived anywhere remotely near where this took place I would get my car washed and then I’d throw a bucket of mud on it so I could go back and get it washed again and again and again. The whole thing was a charity fundraiser for Make-a-Wish-Foundation thrown by “Attack of the Show” and held Saturday right next to the Farmer’s Market.

You can view the entire gallery on the G4 website (you want to), additional photo’s at USNaco’s site, and finally video on Chris Gore’s YouTube site. I’m not sure what kid made this wish…. but bless that little soul.


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  1. Marco' Thomas says

    The Force is exceptionally strong with the Blonde! *Furthermore,…if my eyes do not deceive me,…that’s none other than Miki Black-(with the long black hair in the braided tail)-wearing one of the “Slave Leia” costumes!

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