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  1. Matt Fisher says

    Great article, Paul, thanks. I’m wondering if you know of a way to download tweets by keyword or hashtag, not by account. Companies like TrendsMap obviously have access to this data, but I haven’t found m/any apps that can export tweets in bulk for data analysis.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Doug says

    This seems to work fairly well, except that I can’t get all of my data. No matter what count I supply, this method only returns about 120 out of 500+ expected results.

  3. says

    Thanks for the tip. I didn’t read the whole article, so it is good that you used headings to clarify content. I used the “save page as” option to download my tweets. Very helpful and a relatively easy way to save your tweets to your PC. Thanks

  4. Nikki says

    Allmytweets.net and Tweetbook.in will give you 3200 tweets. Twitter rules don’t allow them to go back past that.

  5. Eric Petrosky says

    Hi all,
    I’m creating a scrolling marquee message board that I want to update via twitter hashtags. Basically, I want someone to hashtag a certain thing and it will show up on the message board.

    One way I’m considering is downloading the tweets to a xml, .txt, or other file then reading them and outputting them, but this wouldn’t allow real-time updates.

    Does anyone have suggestions? How could this be done real-time?

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