W00t! +The LittleBigFund's 25 Days of Giving!

W00t! +The LittleBigFund's 25 Days of Giving!
Seriously, every dollar counts and tis'the season! Join us for #25DaysOfGiving  and help support regional non-profits during the holiday season!

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The 25 Days of Giving: One monthly donor a day!
Be the one to sponsor today: http://bit.ly/LBFDonate

Tis the season for joy, love, and giving. This month, +The LittleBigFund is trying to get at least one monthly donor a day leading up to Christmas in the #25DaysOfGiving ! Whether it's $6, $10, or even $100, the most important thing is that you give only what you can. The LittleBigFund accepts small donations from individuals to form a big fund which is then given to one of three small nonprofits as decided by donor vote. No matter how big or small the contribution, the fund is all about small individual actions coming together to form something big and powerful.

Do-gooders need our support to keep doing good. If you're looking for a charity to donate to this holiday season where your contribution will really count, The LittleBigFund is it. I'm confident that we can get at least one donor a day. December's theme is "Best of the Year" and we're bringing back three amazing organizations who didn't receive the fund during their first month but totally deserve it. Voting starts tomorrow, but you can donate now!

This is ambitious, but it's doable. Find a little love inside and be the one to help someone else out. Even if you personally can't find the minimum $5 a month to donate, you're capable of informing a friend or family member who can. #CyberMonday is fun, but this year try something new and give the gift of giving!


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