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ok need some #crowsource  help here regarding +Google+. Maybe one of the +Google+ Developers can help. I'm the ONLY person with my name that has anything remotely close to a profile on #GooglePlus . The others have 0 followers (that I can tell), no profile picture, etc. I own the domain name (tied to my profile with Authorship), the Twitter handle, FB, and everything else you can imagine. WHY am I not able to secure the URL PaulSpoerry? 

Facebook has figured this out. There IS another Paul Spoerry on the internet. We're related and have talked. We both have a PaulSpoerry URL on Facebook. Why is it G+ can't handle/figure this out? Can +Vic Gundotra or someone on the G+ team explain this to me? I really don't get it.

In the meantime… if I can't get … any suggestions on what I should get?!   #ns  


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  1. Bob Garlick says

    I had the same hassle when I applied. Just use the form to reapply with proof of your name at that usually works. I sent them a scan of my passport.

  2. Bob Garlick says

    The appeals page:

    Create Your G+ Name:

    How to claim a G+ name:

    Here is a thread for people having trouble with registering Google + business page names:!topic/google-plus-discuss/cwu0bD5V0r8

    You can also go direct to a Google Exec.

  3. Google+ Help says

    +Paul Spoerry Unfortunately we are not allowing users to request new Vanity URL's at this point in time, but we are accepting feedback. To submit a URL request, go to the feedback button on the bottom of the main menu and provide the suggested URL and your desired URL. We hope you get it!

  4. Paul Spoerry says

    Thanks +Bob Garlick. I gone through all the steps (minus contacting a Google Exec directly). 

    +Google+ Help Thank you for replying… I've submitted the feedback. I hope that works. I've found this process frustrating.

    I also find the process of getting "verified" nebulous and confusing, I've been here since beta and have almost 50k followers (Not Scoble levels but I've obviously been here a while). 

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