How to I submit passport or other legal docs?

One of the things recommended on this post was to submit a copy of my passport. I see on this support page that I should be able to do so… however I cannot find the link to be able to send it. 

Paul Spoerry – Google+ – Custom URL help ok need some #crowsource  help here…
Custom URL help
ok need some #crowsource  help here regarding +Google+. Maybe one of the +Google+ Developers can help. I’m the ONLY person with my name…


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  1. Paul Spoerry says

    HEy +John Elstone… thanks for the reply. The issue is over claiming the name URL; it keeps saying I can't claim it so someone suggested I send in my details to verify it's me. Google+ Help also suggested I do the feedback thing, which I've done. It feels like some sort of limbo, can't claim it despite being the only Paul Spoerry qualifying, can't figure out who to contact for help.  

  2. John Skeats says

    Hi +Paul Spoerry. Please see the latest information from Google about custom URLs on the About this community card. There is no procedure to claim an URL which has not been offered to you. Sending legal documents would not change that.

  3. John Elstone says

    +Paul Spoerry many people are in the same situation, Its not a question of verifying your identity.  They will be using algorithms to determine who gets what url offered, perhaps they are using a census database to determine how popular you name is; a quick search of US records reveals 118 Spoerry's.

    Submitting feedback is all you would need to do if you are not happy adding characters.

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