Run Android apps on any platform

Two companies are hoping to unleash the power of Android apps, allowing you to run them on any platform. The companies intend to provide a host environment for the Android apps to run pretty much anywhere you want. Both companies products work a lot like Wine on Linux, which allows Windows programs to run inside Linux without installing Windows or using a virtual machine.  [Read more...]

Facebook Timeline Privacy: How To Take Control

Facebook Timeline Privacy can be a nightmare by exposing previously private information and making it public. Facebook’s new Timeline has the potential to expose status updates and wall posts from years ago. Below will be information on how to update your account to have better control of Facebook Timeline privacy. I’ve covered other ways to completely remove your data, giving you the ultimate Facebook Timeline privacy, but below we’ll cover the ways you can take some control over the existing content while increasing your Facebook Timeline privacy. [Read more...]

Buddhify: The mobile meditation app for people on the go

Buddhify is a simple, practical, and easy to use mobile phone application that teaches you mindfulness-based meditation on the go. It’s available on both the Apple iOS platform as well as Android. It’s designed to help in maintaining mindfulness when you live in a busy urban lifestyle. Buddhify works equally well for those with experience meditating as it does for someone who’s never meditated a day in their life.  [Read more...]