DeskSMS: Receive SMS Text Messages on your desktop

If you’re not a fan of Google Voice but would like to send and receive text messages (SMS) on your desktop then DeskSMS by Koush (of ROM Manager fame) will let you manage them from Gmail, GTalk, a speedy web interface, and even a Chrome extension. All without porting your number to another service.

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Google+ Extensions: Five New Additions To Enhance Google+


Here are five new Google+ extensions to enhance and tweak Google+.

Google+ extensions can help augment your use of the newest social network on the block. Google+ is growing, and even before it was easy to get an invite, people were busy writing extensions, userscripts, and add-ons for Chrome and Firefox to help you tweak the layout, add new tools, and change the look and feel.

I personally dig the current layout but here are some great extensions that help you trick it out and add additional functionality.

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Google+Tweet: Display Twitter Streams in Google+

Wow that was fast… no more did we get Google+Facebook which lets you see your Facebook stream inside Google+ but now Google+Twitter comes at us providing the same for your Twitter stream.

Is it just me or does it feel like Google+ could be my central hub? I wonder when Google+Reader integration will show up?

Only works in Chrome or FireFox, get Google+Tweet here and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter.


Google+Facebook: Display Facebook Streams In Google+

So… now the only reason I have to go to Facebook is to play Cityville right? (at least until Zynga gets it up and running with Google).

Google+Facebook allows you to see your Facebook stream inside Google+. Simply Connect to Facebook, and get all the updates on your Google+ Facebook tab.

Check the screenshot for an example:

Only works in Chrome or FireFox, get Google+Facebook here.