LUMOS – better back light management for the HTC Touch Pro/Diamond

The backlight manager on the Touch pro is not the best, so 1 member from xda-developers, nik3r made LUMOS, a complete HTC Auto-Backlight replacement. The 1st time you install it, will calibrate, just follow the onscreen instructions. That’s it. You can also put in exceptions for programs like GPS navigation etc, that you want the backlight to stay constant e.g. Tom Tom etc.

Check it out here at Xda-developers

LUMOS - better back light management for the HTC Touch Pro/Diamond


Change the HTC Touch Pro Operator Name

You can personalize your operator name on the HTC Touch Pro with a handy little program made by a craft fellow over at XDA. It’s been said to work on all Windows Mobile devices but definetely works on HTC. It was made by a developer at xda-developers called NP9660.

Download the cab file here. Install on on to your main memory, not the SD card. It will prompt you what text you want to have in place of your operator name. That’s it. If you want to change the text, just go to Start>Programs>Personalizer.
Personalizer 2.0 - Change your operator name

Look at the top right hand side!
Some people were having trouble with HTC Home being turned on after a soft reset. To work around it, open “Personalizer StartUp.mscr”. The last entry enabled HTC Home, changing the final value to “0” fixed the problem.


Microsoft Facebook – Finally a good Facebook app for Windows Mobile

XDA Developers have ripped the new Facebook application that comes with Windows Mobile 6.5. All I can say is… FINALLY. The fact is there are other Facebook apps for Windows Mobile but in my opinion they all suck. Their interfaces are wonky and they just don’t seem to work right. In a surprise move, Microsoft has finally jumped in and is building a Facebook application for Windows Mobile 6.5. As said above, the crafty guys are XDA have ripped the cab and made it available. It runs just fine on Windows Mobile 6.1 and has been reported to work on WVGA, VGA and QVGA devices. It gives you the ability to view photos, track your news feed, send messages, view friends’ profiles, and even dial or SMS your friends directly from the call tab.

You need to download and install the application to you phone (and install it on the device, NOT the storage card). The first run takes a while as it downloads everything, I suggest being hooked up to ActiveSync or Wifi the first time you run it.

One issue reported is that if you “log out” it won’t save your login info. However, if you just click the X and stop it that way it will in fact save your login.

Check out the video from PocketNow:

Download the cab from XDA here:


Star Wars AT-AT Boombox is sooo awesome

I just got geek wood. This thing is awesome. Looks like it’s a fully functional boombox made out of a Star Wars AT-AT Walker. WOW! Looks like it only has a tape deck (I know… even my parents ditched cassette tapes); but still… it’s wickedly cool. No somebody just needs to make one with an IPod dock connector!

AT-AT Boombox

View more pictures at: