Lose All Your Twitter Followers with One Mistake (by @ThoughtReach)

Some of you readers have made it clear that you are small business owners and don’t have time for all that “security” balderdash where some guy like me is telling you to watch out for this scam or that scam. Well too bad, pal.

If you have a Twitter following, you might want to read this. Otherwise you could lose all your followers.

CISPA is Back – The Internet Needs Your Help

CISPA, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act was reintroduced in the House of Representatives yesterday. CISPA is the contentious bill civil liberties advocates fought last year, which would provide a poorly-defined “cybersecurity” exception to existing privacy law. CISPA offers broad immunities to companies who choose to share data with government agencies (including the private communications of users) in the name of cybersecurity. It also creates avenues for companies to share data with any federal agencies, including military intelligence agencies like the National Security Agency (NSA).

We killed CISPA once before. We will kill CISPA again. It only works if you take part.

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How Content Marketing Compares to Traditional Advertising Infographic

Content Marketing is a growing and powerful way that businesses of all sizes can use to reach their customers. As compared to traditional advertising, the focus is not to “interrupt” the user with a brand message. With content marketing the goal is to educate the potential customer, engage with them, build a relationship, and draw them closer to the brand.

How to Choose the Right WordPress Theme in 5 Easy Steps Infographic

WordPress is a terrific option for publishing your own site. Good for you for making the decision to go with WordPress.

Being able to develop and maintain my own sites with WP was an excellent decision.

However, once you start looking for a theme, you’ll discover that there are literally thousands of WP themes to choose from. How do you decide on the perfect WordPress template for your website?

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This simple and helpful infographic takes you through the process of finding the right theme for your website. Choosing and buying a theme shouldn’t take days, weeks or months. Your priorities should be on attracting traffic to your web site instead of spending hours and hours on deciding on any particular theme.

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So You Want To Be A Social Media Manager?

At its core, social media is about being social. It is about back-and-forth interaction. It is about engagement. Businesses that have successful social strategies understand this. They also understand their customers have certain expectations. They expect to interact with the brands they like. They expect to engage with the brand when they have a question or require customer service. They expect their favorite brands to be sharing great content. So, who’s making all this happen? The Social Media Manager, of course.

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