Gmail Labs releases Search Autocomplete – inbox searching is unleashed

Direct from Lifehacker: Gmail Labs has released a great new Search Autocomplete feature today that offers search suggestions for all kinds of Gmail searches, from simple search-by-contacts to more advanced search queries—like for specific attachments.

The autocomplete is very smart, too, so when you want to search for a specific attachment type—like photos—you can just choose the has photos autocomplete, and Gmail will generate the much more complicated filename:(jpg OR jpeg OR png) search operators. Handy, huh?

Likewise, it’ll autogenerate the before and after date operators for you (before:yyyy/mm/dd), which have always been too complicated to remember all that well. As always, to enable this feature, just point your browser to Gmail Labs, enable Search Autocomplete, save your changes, and enjoy.


Gmail removes ‘on behalf of': consolidated emails now look legit

With Gmail you can consolidate multiple email addresses so that you can use Gmail as a universal inbox. It’s awesome, I do it, and now from one interface can get to nearly every email account I have. One annoying “feature” was that if you were sending from an account that was the one you were currently logged into it would send the email with a statement saying “on behalf of”. So it would look something like: “From on behalf of”  Well, some good news…Google has dropped this annoying feature. Now you can much more legitimately use Gmail as your multiple email control center without broadcasting that fact to the world. And let’s face it… you WANT to use Gmail as your control center.


April Fools’ Day On The Web

I love today on the Internet. There’s always some really creative stuff out there. My favorites so far are Reddit (which took on a Digg theme), ThinkGeek (which always comes up with some whacky products), and ThePirateBay (which has announced that Warner Brothers is buying them). Also, if you’re a Digg user watch for the popouts… some are pretty funny.

For a full breakdown and comprehensive list of all the April Fools’ day stuff happening on the web check out:


TouchFlo 3d – Compact Homescreen with Dated appointments modification

Ok so everybody know that HTC’s TouchFlo3D is just about the slickest interface out there for Windows Mobile. One thing that’s bugged the crap out of me since I bought my Touch Pro is that by default you only see ONE appointment listed. Lot of good that does me! Well the wizards at xda-developers have done it again and released a wicked cool modification to do your choice of:

  • Dated appointments – like a dated weekly view
  • Normal – which shows appointments for today and tomorrow

TouchFlo3D compact homescreen

It comes in two flavors, one which works with any stock Rhodium TouchFlo device, or a T-Mobile theme for those with T-Mobile branded Rhodium TouchFlo installed. Why this functionality isn’t the default in TouchFlo I’ll never understand. I mean seriously, why do I need a giant clock!??!!? Show me some information on the home tab… well that’s to XDA now you can.

Read more and grab the files from XDA-Developers here.


Opera Mobile 9.7 will support Flash and Ajax

Ok everybody knows that Pocket Internet Explorer (aka PIE) sucks. CNet reports that Opera Mobile 9.7 will support Flash and Ajax. Opera says Turbo can squeeze down data by 80 percent, clearing through slow and stubborn network connections quicker. Opera Mobile 9.7 boasts that it passes the Acid 3 test of Web standards with 100 percent, and that it supports Google Gears and the Open GL ES standard for graphics acceleration. Oh ya, and it’ll support widgets. NICE!

It’ll originally be targeted at OEM’s (in other words… the handset makers/carriers) but they hinted that end users will get a go at it as well.