Opera Mobile 9.7 will support Flash and Ajax

Ok everybody knows that Pocket Internet Explorer (aka PIE) sucks. CNet reports that Opera Mobile 9.7 will support Flash and Ajax. Opera says Turbo can squeeze down data by 80 percent, clearing through slow and stubborn network connections quicker. Opera Mobile 9.7 boasts that it passes the Acid 3 test of Web standards with 100 percent, and that it supports Google Gears and the Open GL ES standard for graphics acceleration. Oh ya, and it’ll support widgets. NICE!

It’ll originally be targeted at OEM’s (in other words… the handset makers/carriers) but they hinted that end users will get a go at it as well.


Top 5 Featured Post Plugins

Wordpress Featured Post

With blogs becoming more and more user-friendly everyday, the need for a “Featured Post” display became a necessity. Say, for example, you begin a free giveaway on your blog on Monday. By Friday, if you had posted everyday during the week, that giveaway post from Monday may be on page 2, never to be seen again. This is where a “Featured Post” display comes in most handy. It appears that the use of jQuery to implement a very eye-appealing animated “Featured Post” display is becoming more and more in demand in the world of WordPress themes. Here are some of the most popular javascript plugins to get the job done:

  1. s3Slider – One of the most common types of “Featured Post” displays (and the one I use).
  2. JSGallery – Maybe you want no words and only the post thumbnail images to display.
  3. Agile Carousel – Another powerful jQuery slideshow-like plugin.
  4. jCarousel Lite – Very lightweight javascript carousel plugin.

Touch Flo 3D 2 Ripped from Diamond and Ported!

Xboxmod has finished porting the new TouchFlo 3D interface from the newly released Touch Diamond 2. It looks awesome and he was even able to make a cab installer for it. Known as the XBmod Manila Rhodium VGA Beta 1B it includes a landscape version of TouchFlo 3D 2 and automatic screen rotation.

TF3D2 beta1

TouchFlo 3D 2 brings the new HTC goodness like HTC ContactCard, Menu Enhancements, new volume controls and much more. This is available as a CAB file for installation. If you’re a CDMA Touch Pro user I HIGHLY suggest grabbing MightyROM and then getting the TF3D2 enhancements.

Grab the info and CAB straight from the source: XBmod Manila Rhodium VGA Beta 1B

Or grab my preferred ROM: MightyROM


TaskFacade 4 – TouchFlo3D graphical task switching

The latest versions of TouchFlo3D and Windows Mobile promises to get rid of the Start Menu, which is the main Windows Mobile task switcher. Task Facade 4 solves the problem in style, allowing you to easily see what applications are running and switch to them.  TaskFacade also allows one to easily close running apps. The app is finger-friendly, but can as easily be controlled with the keyboard and D-pad.

The application is skinnable and comes with 5 build-in themes. The software is now quite mature, and works smoothly on all screen resolutions.

See the video below for the app in action.

TaskFacade 4 can be downloaded from the Taskfacade forum here.


How to Send and Receive Hotmail from Your Gmail Account

Ok so Hotmail is tired, and Gmail is wired. However, you’ve got so many people trained to use your old Hotmail address that you can’t just leave it behind. Well Mysticgeek of How To Geek shows you that you can setup Gmail to both send and receive using your @hotmail.com, @msn.com or @live.com email addresses… but from within Gmail instead. Note this isn’t the way that I do it, I have an OLD Hotmail account and it allows for email forwarding but this method should work for everyone else now that Hotmail has enabled POP access.

Enabling Hotmail from Gmail

First go into your Gmail account and select Settings then click on the Accounts tab, now click on “Add a mail account you own”.

add account

In the next screen enter in the Hotmail or Live address into the Address field then click on Next Step.

Email Address

In the next section we need to enter in the proper settings so the connections work.  Enter in your username and password for your Windows Live account.  Make sure the following settings are correct.

POP Server: pop3.live.com

Port: 995

Check Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail

You can also select leaving a copy on the server and archive incoming messages, these settings are per your preference and will not affect the connection.  When everything looks correct click on Add Account.

account settings

Note: If you want to leave your messages in your Hotmail account, make sure to select the option for “Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server”.

Next check “Yes, I want to be able to send mail as…” This will allow you to send email as your Hotmail or Live account then click Next Step.

Send Mail As

Now you can verify or edit the name on the email or if you’d like replies to be delivered to another account enter in a different Reply-to address.


Finally Gmail will send a verification to your Hotmail or Live account.


Once you get the verification code enter it and click the Verify button and your done!

enter code

To send an email using your Hotmail account, just use the “From” drop-down when composing a new message.


Now you can Send and Receive your Hotmail in your Gmail Account! Thanks MysticGeek!