The Plus Your Business Academy – Certificated Programs

Hoooooly cow this looks very promising. And there's probably nobody better than +martin shervington to be up to the task! Check out the info below and be sure to check out 

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Announcing: The Plus Your Business Academy – Certificated Programs. Coming Summer 2014
Google+ is going to skyrocket in 2014. Are you ready to Level up?
Register your interest here:

There are two main aspects of the PYB Academy:
They are, 'five levels of personal competence' and an 'Instructor pathway'.
Alongside the extensive Google+ 'Quickstarter' content (free for everyone and anyone visiting the website) and the 'Fasttrack' (for people looking for coaching/consulting/training services for individuals or business, without certificates), we are launching…

Five Levels of personal competence, with certification.
Helping you get incredible results on Google+ for you and/or your business.
The levels are…
Level 1 – Pioneer – including free certification for individuals
Level 2 – Trailblazer
Level 3 – Pathfinder ('Social Media Manager' Level)*
Level 4 – Pacesetter ('Campaign Manager' Level)*
Level 5 – Trendsetter

An instructor pathway, with certification.
To help others learn and develop these competencies with a framework.
Information for people looking at the 'Instructor' pathway:
At Level 3 you can elect to start the Instructor pathway
At Level 4 you can begin training as a Senior Instructor
At Level 5 you become eligible for Community Leader status
This pathway has been created to support people who want to be coaches, trainers and consultants become the best in the world at using Google+ for themselves and their clients. 

Interested in knowing more? Well, simply register your interest here and we will be in touch with next steps:

We hope you can join us for the next stage in this incredible journey on Google+!
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Post Editor for Google+ v1.1.0

Newly updated Post Editor for Google+  - a Chrome Extension for formatting Google+ posts!

v1.1.0 addresses most of the issues reported with the first version. It still only focuses on the main post box. I know a lot of v1.0 users want it to work on comments as well. It's next on my ToDo list!

Google+ doesn't offer a ton of formatting options for your posts and the ones it does have you have to remember the markup to use. This isn't so big a deal for those of us who use it regularly or have been around since the beginning. However, it comes up often when I talk with new or infrequent users. So I created a Google Chrome extension called 'Post Editor for Google+' to help! 

Post Editor for Google+ adds formatting buttons to the bottom of the post box so you can easily style your posts. It also includes a variety of symbols that you can automatically inject into your post.

You can grab the extension from the Chrome Web Store:

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h/t for sharing the first version: +Shannon Hernandez +martin shervington +Armando Ferreira +CircleCount +Gplus Expertise +Chef Dennis Littley +Daniel Sharkov +Laura Manach and every one else who shared! You guys rock!

The ghosts in the Google+ Ghost town drive more engagement

+Shareaholic averaged values over the last 6 months for the following respective categories: Time on Site, Pages / Visit and Bounce Rate. What did they find?  YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn Drive The Most Engaged Social Referrals

I wasn't sure about LinkedIn, only because I'm not super active on it from a social perspective. However, this would totally be my experience in terms of engagement on social networks. It's kind of a no-brainer that people would stay on YouTube longer since it's a video based format. What may surprise some is that while Google+ is often called a Ghost Town (to which I'd say YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG), and does in fact drive less traffic… overall it's traffic is of a higher quality; second only to YouTube. 

What do you think?