Titanfall: Life is Better with a Titan

New #TitanFall  commercial is pure awesome. It features a dude walking down the street, his Titan following him (in the game you can command the Titan to cover, follow, etc) and he meets his enemy in the street. Just like in the game the TItan swoops him up and puts him in the suit and battle begins. The release drops on March 11th! I can't wait!

RainO | Human | Dragon House

This has some amazing gliding in it and a very creative flying move (1:58). Also… when the #dubstep  wub wubs drop he kills it. The second set is my fav… it starts on a build up at the 3:00 mark. Good stuff, thanks +Jordan Hawker!

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Nick "RainO" Raiano – Human

Fantastic dancing to an amazing #Krewella  song by +DragonHouse member #RainO !  This one is a must-watch, folks.  +Paul Spoerry, how does +Marquese Scott have so many incredible people in his crew?  NONSTOP might have him beat on insane moves, but there was a crispness and clarity of intention about this piece that really caught my eye.  He's amazingly good at setting up his moves with the music, really well thought-out!

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