W-ORD Channel 7 News With John Oliver & Cookie Monster

Did you know John Oliver and Cookie Monster co-anchor a nightly news broadcast about words? Just kidding, that's not a thing. But you would TOTALLY watch that show. I know I would!

OMFG check out the outtakes too… equally or at least as funny: http://youtu.be/H916EVndP_A

In support of "Sesame Street's" newest vocabulary resource, "Words are Here, There and Everywhere," Mashable has teamed up with Sesame Workshop once again to encourage families to explore the wonderful world of words. Watch the special W-ORD report above, in which John Oliver and Cookie Monster (and a few surprise guests) tackle the hard-hitting word news you need to know. 

The "Words Are Here, There, and Everywhere" initiative was developed in partnership with PNC Grow Up Great. For more info, visit: http://sesamestreet.org/words
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