How to Force HTTPS in Chrome

Force HTTPS in Chrome for better security when browsing. There is an ever increasing awareness that more of the Internet should be accessed through secure protocols like SSL. Google is one of the more aggressive companies pushing to make this happen. Here are several ways you can force HTTPS in Chrome to ensure your browsing is as safe as possible. [Read more...]

Timeline Privacy Settings: Manage Open Graph App Posts

Facebook’s Timeline Privacy Settings have been a tricky thing and it might become a bit harder with the new Open Graph Apps. The latest version of Facebook’s Open Graph was announced yesterday with a dizzying 60 partners at launch time. Be prepared for your Facebook feed to display a torrent of information about what your friends are doing, listening to, reading, and where they’re going. [Read more...]

Facebooks Frictionless Sharing Will Destroy Sharing

Frictionless Sharing is lube for your privacy… bend over and grab your ankles. Yesterday Facebook launched it’s new tool, Open Graph, that allows third party developers  to share actions in your timeline. Sixty partners were announced at launch, no doubt many more will soon arrive. Take note because Frictionless Sharing is going to make Facebook sharing, and Facebook itself suck… a lot.  [Read more...]

Search plus your world, Google+, and why we can finally stop comparing it to Facebook

Google’s Search plus your world is finally being rolled out and the integration with Google+ reveals why we can finally stop comparing it with Facebook. Social Search integrates the power of web searches AND your personal social networking circles to bring ever more relevant results. It also illustrates how Google+ isn’t just a Facebook clone, but something deeply integrated into Google’s core business model: search.  [Read more...]