Republican's continue assault on women

How Congress is quietly trying to keep millions of women from getting birth control
Politicians who propose Title X funding will probably never meet the woman who loses access to birth control because of it. But they will change her life.

"Half of all pregnancies in the U.S. are unintended, and for these patients, seeking birth control and reproductive health services through this program is a last resort, and can literally be lifesaving. That we would deny them essential care is unfathomable, but even more so because the American way of life holds family sacred. There is no sanctity in forcing a woman, who wants to be responsible for her sexuality, to live in fear of unexpected pregnancy."

The real target here is Planned Parenthood which because it provides abortion services has been under near constant attack. By eliminating this federal program, though, Republicans threaten to cut funding for 4,200 health centers across the country, including public health departments, which see 27% of patients. These departments actually receive the most Title X funding — not Planned Parenthood. This is complete insanity.

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