Great Kitten – World's 1st Cat Cinema


Technically, the world's first cat cinema in London according to their Indiegogo page… get it "Great Kitten" instead of "Great Britain" (not sure if that implies there are other cat cinema's in the world). The idea is to combine a love of film, tea, and cats into one purfect package. According to their crowd funding page, the theater will play ten films a week and allow viewers to kick back, relax, and enjoy a quality movie in the company of kittens, because heaven is a place on earth.

The felines will be in total control of their environment and allowed to roam as they please — including to two human-free zones (one inside and one outside) and a play area with lots of toys and scratch posts. Patrons of the theater will have to adhere to some rules, as well: no disturbing sleeping cats, no picking up cats, no rough playing with the cats, no feeding cats outside food, and no flash photography.

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Elon Musk just announced he's changing the world

Tesla Powerwall Keynote by Elon Musk… 'The Missing Piece". Musk is taking the energy industry head and essentially announced we have the ability to transform the entire world. A small portion of the U.S., with an even smaller portion of that portion that which contains new Tesla batteries, can power the entire U.S. via solar power.

The Powerwall will fit in your home, wall mounted, and will let you store power, and even get off-grid at times when needed. It will run $3,500 and you can stack up to nine Powerwalls and have 90Kwh!
You can order one right now:

Also announced is the Pockerpack. This is utility scale power… gigawatt class power… he even demonstrates that the entire keynote has been run entirely off the grid via solar cells mounted on the ceiling of the building they are in. He then explores what it would take to transition the entire planet to renewable and primarily solar, including all all transport and all electricity and all heating.

Oh… and he's Open Sourcing ALL OF IT…. so that not just Tesla is making this happen but anyone that wants to be involved.

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Bearman Charity Challenge is happening again!


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Bearman Cartoons Charity Challenge 2015
Details the seventh annual Bearman Cartoons Challenge at where Bearman donates his own money to charity when his readers do certain things.


For every new G+ follower I net till the end of May, I will donate $1 to charity.

Click the link for additional ways to get me to donate money:

I donate money for your actions This is the seventh year I have done this. I will donate MY money (up to $1500) when people do different things including following me on G+, Blogging about the challenge, and cartoonists including me in their regular strip.

Plus anyone that donates money in honor of Bearman Cartoons to, I will match that donation up to $500.

I don't usually ask people to share my posts, but this one will help spread the word on some great causes I am supporting including:

Red Cross efforts in Nepal
Brandon C Gromada Head and Neck Cancer Foundation
Crayons to Computers:

Challenge will run till the end of May. Thanks for all your engagement and support. I plan on trying to keep up on all the public reshares (can't tell if you shared privately) of this post and give a special circle share to my followers who do so at the end of the month.

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