Create Your Own Google+ Profile Banner

Create a Google+ profile banner on your Google+ profile. In a few simple steps you can have one too with Google Plus Profile logo maker.


Creating a Google+ profile banner just became really easy thanks to the Google Plus Profile logo maker. A while back I created a profile banner for my Google+ profile, I’d done something similar when Facebook rolled out the feature to display you’re latest pictures across the top of your profile. I was stoked when I discovered mine was featured on Mashable’s Google+ Profile Hacks article. Since then several people have asked me how I did it. The “banner” across the top of your profile isn’t really a banner at all, but a series of five images, the myself and others decided to turn into one semi-continuous image for a fun effect.

So how did I do it? Truth be told, I did it the hard way! I measured the height and width of the boxes at the top of the Google+ profile page, re-sized an image, and then chopped that image up into slices that would fit the images sizes across the top of page with a graphics program (I used the free Thanks to the Google Plus Profile logo maker, you can whip one out much more quickly.

Here’s how:


  • Find an image that you want to turn into your “banner” (Google Images is a great place to start)
  • Go to the GPlusPic site at: and click on the “Choose File” button to upload your image to upload your image.

Google+ Banner Maker Step 1

  • The next screen will show the image you just upload and give you the ability to crop the picture.

Google+ Banner Maker Step 2

  • Once you’re satisfied with your selection hit the Preview button and a new window will appear with the five images you’ll use across the top of your profile. With your mouse, right click and choose “Save Image As” and download each image to your computer.

Google+ Banner Maker Step 3

  • With your five new images saved, log onto Google+ and go to your profile. You can do this by clicking on your name on the top left of the screen, your email on the top right of the screen and selecting Profile from the drop down menu, or just get to it directly from this Google Profiles link. Beneath your name. click the text that says “Add some photos here”.
  • Upload all five of the images you downloaded from GPlusPic site and you’ve got a Google+ banner!
Once complete you’re profile will have a landscape profile image whenever someone visits your Google+ profile. Here’s an example from my profile:
Paul Spoerry Google+ Profile Banner Example

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